Technical Product Manager at Milieu Insight in the day. Maker, Engineer, and Designer at night.

Now (Jan 2019)

At work, we recently closed a 1M SGD seed round. I aim to continue working with the team to delivered awesome product. These are some of my work goals:

  • Official Product Launch
  • Scale to other market
  • Continue to delight our users

On the side, I aim to use my free time to build my own side product and have my very own lifestyle business one day. I always enjoy build/write stuff that help others.  These are some of my personal goals:

  • Write 1 article a week
  • Get 1000 MRR
  • 1000 Followers on Medium

About Me

Hi, I am Zac, currently a Technical Product Lead at Milieu Insight.

I enjoy questions like “what features to build”, "why should we build it" and “how should we build it”. Being able to understand what to build and working together with my team to build something that delights the user is what drives me in life.

At night, I am a Maker, Engineer, and Designer. I made Musca, Cilly, and Shell Memories.

Always being in the tech area, I like to stay on top of my game by constantly trying new things and learning new technology. I like to know enough about “how to build” stuff so that I can better communicate with my team, make better judgment and estimation. I also like to create my own lifestyle business one day!