Hi, I'm Zac Kwan

Head of Product at Milieu Insight in the day.

Engineer, Designer and Builder of my side product at night.

About Me

After spending 8 years as a techie, from running my fail startup to working as an engineering lead, I took a big leap of faith to give up writing code and become a product manager.

I enjoy bridging the gaps between engineer, design and business. I feel that you need to strike the right balance to build a awesome product.

Some of My Writings

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Some Fun Products I Built



One-stop tray app that provides everything you ever need about date-time conversation.



Countdown to your next upcoming event with an instagramable photo right at your fingertips!


Shell Memories - Match the colours game

Can you remember the position of a tiles after being swapped around?
Exciting shell memories game with 21 level to test how good you are.

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